General conditions for license of photos

All photos of the Comune di Torino and Turismo Torino e Provincia in the archive are owned by the photographer. The Comune di Torino is the holder of image use in institutional campaigns for the city. Turismo Torino e Provincia is the holder of image use for promoting its local territory. The photos are protected by national and international copyright law, by international copyright agreement and other laws applicable in the photographer’s country.

Downloading/delivery and storage of photos do not constitute a transfer of reproduction rights.
The photos are provided by the Comune di Torino and Turismo Torino e Provincia with all the necessary information for identifying the author and the subjects represented in them or with a detailed caption. Such information must be used correctly and appropriately.
The user shall hold the transferor harmless for damage caused by improper or incorrect information and captions.
If the name of the photographer and the agency (©) is available, the user has the obligation to mention them in each publication.
The user is obliged to give to the Comune di Torino and Turismo Torino e Provincia a copy of a the publication or a link to the web page where the photos are published.
Authorisation is granted only to the extent specified in the request. For subsequent or different uses, another request must be made.
The photos cannot be transferred to third parties or be used for a different purpose from that specified in the authorisation granted without the written consent of the subject originally granting the authorisation.

The use of photos from the Comune di Torino for commercial purposes, or for other purposes not specifically authorised by the Comune di Torino, is not allowed.

The Comune di Torino and Turismo Torino e Provincia are not liable to photographers or third parties for damage of any kind resulting from the improper use of their photographs. The user of the photographs will be the only subject responsible to third parties for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the photographs.

Please refer to the Privacy page in the website.

The court of Turin shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.